About Our Events

Man Challenge isn’t just another race and we won’t simply test your strength, speed, and endurance.

Man Challenge will test you through events ranging from physical fitness to mental acuity; from survival skills to mechanics.

  • Can you benchpress 200lbs? Run a sub 7 minute mile?
  • Can you estimate how many tires are sold in the US each year? Or pick out a 4-3 defense?
  • Can you start a fire? Bait a hook? Tie a knot?
  • Can you change a tire? Sink a nail?


Man Challenge Beta

How the Events Work

Man Challenge consists of a series of events intended to test the many aspects of a man.  The Inaugural Man Challenge will include 5 stations, each with a different theme and different manly requirements.

While one station may focus on speed or strength, another may test mechanical ability or survival skills. Like life, individual Man Challenge events are unknown and unknowable- so event specifics won’t be disclosed until hours before the competition.

In heats, teams and individual competitors will move through 5 stations, completing the entire Man Challenge during the course of a single day.

In Man Challenge, it pays to be a winner: following the event the top competitors will be recognized.  Finally, all competitors, friends, and family are invited to an “After Party” celebration with good food, drinks, and music going into the evening.


How do you prepare for Man Challenge?  A firefighter may have to carry 3 people out of a building or climb 30 flights of stairs. A soldier may have to hike (and navigate) 10 miles before a 10 minute assault. You may need to carry a 100lb pack up 1000ft in elevation before climbing a tree to escape a coyote change a tire, build a shed, or lift your couch.

How do you prepare? Be a little bit more of a man every single day.