Man Challenges are designed to test every aspect of being a man.

Below are a few examples of our flagship events:

Construction Zone

You are trying to make a couple extra bucksfor this year’s family vacation. Your buddy got you a job at a construction zone. The foreman decided to test your skills and get some work done for his office. He needs a structure built to hold some of the items laying around on the floor of his office.

  • Build a load-bearing Structure
  • Climb a Ladder
  • 300 lb Deadlift


You are camping with some friends and everyone but your weird buddy forgot a firestarting kit. Sadly, he broke both his hands earlier practicing his karate for the zombie apocalypse. He hands you the magnesium fire starting kit he keeps for emergencies. He explains to you that you need to shave magnesium onto some kindling and then use the striker on the kit to shoot sparks at the magnesium to light the kindling.

  • Shoot a Bow
  • Build a Fire
  • Cook a Chicken

Viking Invasion

A Viking seems about as logical as a unicorn these days. What was the deal with those guys? You’re about to find out. That crazy Time Machine your buddy was working on apparently works. You pressed the red button and next thing you know you got a ten pound helmet, some viscous weapons and a paddle in your hands. You’re on a boat! Apparently about to invade some unsuspecting civilization history might soon forget. But will you still be around to talk about it. Get to rowing and get to fighting!

  • Max Distance Row
  • Axe Throw
  • 1000m Run


Everyday our sports lives are invaded with stories of steroids or HGH. What happened to those classic men that completed feats of strength out of necessity, a dare or because of the woman they thought they could impress? Let’s get back to basics. Let’s lift heavy stuff because we can. Weights don’t move themselves so put those rested muscles to use and get your swole on.

  • Farmer Carry
  • Atlas Stone Lifts
  • Truck Pull